I started these while I was in uni, where I was reading and watching and consuming everything I could find. And thinking about it. I didn't quite have the time or patience (or words) to write 'proper' reviews. Or read many. So I thought I'd share little thoughts to pique interest, while also keeping a bit of a record for myself.

And occasionally I still do this.

In Others' Words

"There is a blog called Story Comments that delivers intriguing little eggcups of quotes and observations from books, films and other media." -Jennifer Stakes

"Great review. I've also spent some time this evening looking through your blog (I would encourage others to do the same), which is very quirky and great." -Tom on Amazon

The Book Depository

So. I'm not a big fan of affiliation programs, or advertising in general, although I know folks need to make their coin. I feel like it...skews things. And distracts. But I wanted to put links to in my book 'reviews' anyway, because books are great and people should try them. It was always going to be The Book Depository as I've used them for years and years and years and I love them. And then I saw the affiliate link and applied. To be honest, I didn't actually think I'd get it.

Of course it it no way will ever affect my reviews, it's more something I'll pop in where relevant.

It may well just be me who's using it. Which fine for me.