Lewis, episode 4.2


Wonderful, isn't it, how people pick and mix morality to suit themselves. I mean, sex outside marriage, whoopee. But, when it comes to dealing with the consequences...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, episode 2.6


Writing stuff down is nerdy? What do you do?

I just forget stuff like a cool person.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


Or, reasons Pirates 3 is my favourite Pirates of the Caribbean film.

  • Barbossa is back
  • Elizabeth Swan kicks butt
  • Will Turner is still a dork, but also kicks butt
  • That theme song/tune
  • Pirates + western + electric guitar
  • Cutler Beckett
  • All the weirdness
  • Really, they're all just having lots of fun.

Between the Sheets: Matthew Mercer


You never know the impact your passions will have on people.

The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England, chapter 1


My favourite bit so far:

You will also find [in London in the fourteenth century] a communal running water supply - fed through a series of conduits... On certain special occasions the conduits are even made to run with wine - for example, on the arrival of the captive king of France in 1357, or to celebrate the coronation of Henry IV in 1399.

Spider-Man 2 Title Released


According to Digital Spy and Tom Holland himself, the title of the 2019 Spider-Man sequel is Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The release is still set for July 2019!

My Marvel Chronology has been accordingly updated.

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, chapter 5


The writers's self-image. Writers have to simultaneously believe the following two things:

1. The story I am now working on is the greatest work of genius ever written in English.
2. The story I am now working on is worthless drivel.

[Believing 1 as you're sending and 2 as you're editing, etc.]

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, chaper 1


You know when you think you shouldn't bother to create something because it's already been done 1 million times?

The novelty and freshness you'll bring to the field won't come from the new ideas you think up. Truly new ideas are rare, and usually turn out to be variations on old themes anyway. No, your freshness will come from the way you think, from the person you are; it will invariably show up in your writing, provided you don't mask it with heavy-handed formulas or clichés.

How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, chapter 1


The Infinite Boundary

...whatever is published within the field of science fiction and fantasy is science fiction and fantasy, and if it doesn't resemble what science fiction and fantasy were twenty years ago, some readers and writers will howl, but others will hear the new voice and see the new vision with delight. 

The Fifth Season, prologue


The Prologue in this book is better than anything I have ever written or imagined, and better than quite a lot of things I have read.

I was not expecting to be so instantly hooked, it usually takes me a few chapters to really get into a book.