The Mad Ship, Taking Charge


When a character (and a writer) makes you stop and think.

Half the evil in this world occurs while decent people stand by and do nothing wrong. It is not enough to refrain from evil [...]. People have to attempt to do right, even if they believe they cannot succeed.

The Name of the Wind


This was recommended numerous times when I worked in a book shop, so strongly I sold it to folks before I'd even read it.

It's nothing like GoT. It has one main character who effortlessly dominates the two inches of book that's the first part of this (not-yet-finished) trilogy.

My Hero


I found it on Pinterest. I've read it countless times and every one gives me goosebumps.

It is a beautiful, heroic adventure, told without words, except one, one key word, at the end.

(It does exist in print, as part of The Anthology Project: Volume 1, but there aren't many.)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode 3.20


"For gods sake man, she's 18, and you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. Just have at it would you and stop fluttering about."

It's prom. It's an emotional story and people say nice things they wouldn't usually (bar Giles, above).

It's also 1999. Buff graduates in 1999.

This evening


A teeny, tiny story-like thing.

This evening, this little, nowhere, stick-sown lane, with the sun still bright on the layers of new beech leaves, and on the airborne insects caught in its beams, where the only sound is of robins and blackbirds and home-bound hounds baying... [continue]

Legends of Tomorrow, episode 1.8


This one is like an episode of Supernatural.

In the 50s.

I'm enjoying watching the characters come together. And Rory Pond as a Time Lord (Master).

Once Upon a Time, episode 5.21


This series does wonderful, heartbreaking, brilliant things with its stories and with its characters' stories.

The Shannara Chronicles


Watching The Shannara Chronicles feels a lot like watching The Lord of the Rings, not just because of their shared filming locations. Then again, reading the Shannara books felt a lot like reading The Lord of the Rings.

Star Wars Day 2016


Happy Star Wars Day! May 4th be with you!

I'm going up a mountain and then I'm going to replay KOTOR in anticipation of new KOTOR. I don't think I've actually finished all the stories yet.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)



I could say so much. If you want more, this review from Geek & Sundry covers it gloriously.