What the Astronaut Said


This article made me re-evaluate the value of what I do:

The woman I was shaking hands with had been through the NASA training gauntlet. She had a PhD. She flew fighter jets. She would go to space one day. Me, I make up stuff about aliens and talking computers. It was a joke compared to her.

But the astronaut looked between me and my mom, and she said, “What you guys do gets us up there.”

Now You See Me & Now You See Me 2


Absolutely loved these! I'm sure they were by no means perfect, but I truly love actively distrusting everything I'm seeing on screen.

Also magic.

Doctor Who: 13


The next Doctor announcement is a strange thing. Until you've seen them in action how can you measure their performance? So I didn't think I cared until it came on and I burst into tears.

Happy tears.

That was unexpected.

Supergirl, episode 2.15


"When I write I don't need a yellow sun, it's just me. Supergirl is what I can do. Kara is who I am."

Supergirl, episode 2.15

"This time, you're the only Superman we need."

Jak and the Wormhole


Heroes can be found in the most unlikely of places. Perhaps we all have it within us to do great things, but may simply lack the circumstances or the reason to be heroic.

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Love it. It's not at all like Firefly, except that it's about people living and working in space. You know, normal stuff. But in space.

Not to mention a refreshing lack of drama.

The Three Little Sontarans


Brilliant. Exactly what I expected from a book called 'Time Lord Fairy Tales'.

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The Twins in the Woods


I have a stack of fairy tales, Grimm's, Anderson's, various other collections. Haven't read all of them, some are very familiar, others just plain weird. So I don't know the origins of this one. Not Hansel and Gretel, not The Two Sisters.

No matter, it's a great story. Somewhere nice.

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Cinderella and the Magic Box


I have never liked Cinderella (Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine being the exception), she doesn't do anything, things just happen to her. Until this one. I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning but it got very good very quickly.

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