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White Collar, episode 2.3


Some Neal-directed jibes. From Peter, of course.

Would you pay four million for that?
Pay... ?
Yeah, you're the wrong person to ask.

I love a good art heist.
Solving a good art heist.
That's what I said.


I wear a badge. He wears a tracking anklet.

White Collar, episode 2.2


Peter Burke: " 'All of your quotes are getting on my nerves,' Peter Burke."

Saying Peter is one of my favourite characters wouldn't mean a whole lot as there are dozens. But he's one of my favourite favouritesof which there are fewer.

White Collar, episode 1.9


Did I mention how sweet the new titles are?

White Collar, episode 1.1


This came well recommended. By Matt Bomer's performance in Chuck, and by my sister who said Peter's a bit like Jack O'Neill, which he is.

The case compares it to Catch Me If You Can, Ocean's Eleven and CSI.

I've seen all; it's not like any of them. It's better.